Department of International and Intercultural Education Research

Section International and Intercultural education research

In research and teaching, we deal with questions of education and learning under conditions of (transnational) migration and social inequality. Our research is aimed at phenomena of migration and transnationalisation, processes of social and cultural differentiation, and relations of inequity and discrimination, which are examined in terms of their significance for biographies and educational paths, educational institutions, and pedagogical action. In this context, ‘racial’ and ‘ethnic’ inequalities and racialized subject-positions are viewed as entangled with other hierarchical (e.g. class- and gender-related) power-relations and distinctions. Moreover, we investigate educational processes related to migration and social inequality from an international and comparative perspective, using interpretative research methods to reconstruct phenomena in their particular socio-spacial contexts.


Our research interests are:

-     educational biographies and constructions of belonging in migration society

-      institutional strategies and professional practices regarding diversity and discrimination in educational institutions (esp. schools and universities)

-     professionalization and professional activism for diversity-oriented/social justice education 

-     qualitative research methods, especially biographical research methodology

-     international and comparative perspectives on issues of diversity, social inequality and racism in education 

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